AccessⅡ-MIP series

Quality support by our latest advance technology

Screen printing machine「AccessⅡ」becoming more user friendly and clean, combining constantly evolving CCD camera MINO Image Processing 「MIP」unit, leading screen printing to higher realm.

Anybody can achieve satisfy printing result with Access-II MIP for any material, any pattern.

Product features

■Outline drawing


AccessⅡ-MIP series_outline



Model 5565 6580
Max. printing area 550×650mm 650×800mm
Max. frame size 1000×1000mm 1100×1100mm
Frame lifting 360mm 360mm
Machine size (W×L×H) 1639×2702×1622mm 1789×2952×1622mm
Energy Air   regular use 0.5MPa Electricity 3Phase 200V 30A 50/60Hz

※Please view Access Ⅱfor other specifications.


■MIP standard specification

Table alignment accuracy within ±5μm(recommended mark repeating accuracy)
Alignment time within 0.6 sec(under recommended condition)
Camera view 7.5×7mm Fixed (when using recommended mark)
Recommended mark φ2mm circle with clear black and white
Light source Coaxial incident or ring light source lighting
Image processing mode Gray search(standard, search center, serch cross center, search angle), search binarization, search edge
Camera mode 1 camera, 2 camera(upper camera, lower camera), up/down camera, 4 camera

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