Screen washing machine MSW110110

Reduce company risk with cost down!

Conventional manual work normally give the risk of labor safety. Our MSW series Screen washing machine success in high safety to protect operator, and excellent in cost down.
Exclusive cleaner K638 is a solvent with high safety, high flash point and can be recycle with solvent recycle unit MSRP J30 to reduce waste and contribute in cost down.
Best suit for factory using silver paste.

Product features



Standard washing time 4~5 mins*1 Washing machine compress air 0.5MPa
Speed 10-100mm/sec Washing machine electric capacity 3 phase 200V 2KW
Washing times 1-999 times(10 times for normal use ) Solvent regeneration capability 7-10L/hour
Max. frame size(mm) 1100×1100×40(T) Solvent regeneration unit electric capacity 1 phase 200V 3KW
Exclusive solvent tank capacity Approx. 200L Solvent regeneration unit outer dimension(mm) 710×430×1080
Washing machine outer dimension (mm) 4310×1360×1373 *2 Solvent regeneration unit
compress air

*1:Depends on ink type and degree of dirt.

*2:Excluding signal tower.


solvent regeneration (silver collecting) unit MSR-PJ30

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