Semi-auto squeegee grinder

Squeegee grinding is life of screen printing.

Squeegee grinding status will show directly on printing result.

Endless sand belt above heavy fixing plate rotates, squeegee urethane rubber starts grinding.

Put squeegee lightly on plate for parallel and speedy grinding, side and end surface grinding can also be done.

Product features

■Squeegee grinder Small, SB-800

Endless sand belt is run on stage to do squeegee grinding. Grinding can be done on side and edge of plate. SB-800 structures enables simple parallel grinding, can attach machine used squeegee holder and hand squeegee.


Squeegee grinder Small


SB-800 with hand squeegee



Model Small SB-800
Grinding length 800mm 800mm
Electricity 100V400W 100V400W
Machine size(LxWxH) 1000×280×370mm 1000×280×700mm
Weight 48Kg 57Kg
Standard accessories Sand paper #100  2pcs


●Sand paper(Small, SB-800 both usable) particle size:
Roughness size  #80 #100(Standard) #120 #150 #180 #240 #320 #400 are available.

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