Exclusive silver paste for pad printing developed!

Low-temperature co-fired type conductive Ag paste for pad printing.
Support 3D circuit printing on uneven surface.
Excellent in good pattern reproducibility.

Product features



■MP-301PAD Specification

Item Characteristics Remarks
Silver type Flake
Silver size 0.3~3μm
Binder Epoxy
Color tone, best shape Silver gray
Viscosity(23℃、50rpm) 4000±500mPa・s HAKKE
Thixotropic TI 5.0±1.0 HAKKE η5/η50
Drying condition 130℃×15mins warm-air drying
adhesion 100/100 Gross cut ※PET、ITO film image
Storage 6 months(≦5℃) Stir for 2 hours under room temperature before use
Surface hardness 3H Pencil hardness
Resisitivity ≦3.0~4.0×10-5 Ω・cm 4 needles measurement


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