Global standard for now, "Squeegee Blade" from MINO GROUP, has become an essential item for screen printing. Squeegee is rubber plate with 3-10mm thickness, using wooden or metal holder to do location fixing on one side, and the other side work as a rubber spatula press ink using its edge. MINO GROUP invented this world standard using squeegee blade to contact ink and stencil.

Problem Easy to wear out, frequent mistake during installation.

During year 1961 in printing industry, rubber squeegee was made in synthetic rubber and oil resistant rubber. However, these products has face problem that when printing ink contains benzoyl-based and petroleum-based solvent, the rubber will easy to swollen, and wear out quickly. Also, with same rubber color, hardness needs to check by bending, which in in-convenient when installing to machine.

Innovation Innovation on material and shape

Mino Group did lots of experiments and tests to challenge on solving rubber problem. Within varies tested materials, poly urethane rubber made by Bayer company provides the most ideal result. This rubber has no swollen with petroleum-based solvent, and low swollen problem with benzoyl-based solvent. As a raw material, it has much longer usage life comparing to traditional product.
for squeegee blade problem of similar outlook, by separate urethane rubber type and hardness with different color, rubber can distinguish by eye observation. This lower the miss on wrong hardness application, lower lost and increase work performance.

Global Deployment Mino squeegee blade becomeworld benchmark

This technique started by Mino Group is welcome by the printing industry and spread around very quickly. The news go oversea, which highlights brand name of Bayer company, and squeegee rubber in screen printing uses poly urethane rubber after that. Years pass, squeegee rubber is still the current global standard in printing industry.

about squeegee rubber

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