Our Research and Development, History and future Screen printing was spread mainly with printing on garment, fibre, sign board, which printing was mainly for visual expression. After the Second World War, with economic growth, electronic circuits printing technology was invented.  Print plays the role of function. Plasma TV, LCD TV, smart phone, tablet PC, uses this technique, which continues evolution. MINO GROUP is studying on higher function and expressive power, as a new challenge to start manufacture on pad printing and gravure offset printing. Other different studies are also under experiment.

History of R & D

  • During the 1960s Fibre of garment, sign board Seek for better and prettier visual expressive power
  • During the 1970s Printing electronic circuit Printing on metal, with development of conductive ink, item can play the「Function」role.
  • During the 1980s Printing on complex shaped item. Interior of automotive, mobile phones, the possibility of printing design and function has been greatly improved.
  • During the 1990s Application on display panel LCD TV and Plasma TV Providing both function and expressive power, printing techniques spreads through the field.
  • During the 2000s applications on smart phones and tablet PC Providing both function and expressive power, increase possible printing area dramatically
  • During the 2010s Development on gravure offset machine "FY2011, third supplementary budget Study selected by Strategic Foundational Technology Improvement Support Operation"read more
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Possible future from printing From now on, develop more and more special ink.Manufacture machine to print on more complex shapes. Printing is not just expressive power, but using its function to spread and continues its contribution to the society.