Our Company MINO CROUP, is the only comprehensive manufacturer in Japan selling all needs for screen printing from machine to special ink and material.

Founding in 1946, we success in distributing screen printing in Japan with great contributions, and play an important role in establishment of new companies.
our company strength is all needs can be gathered under one phone call, with our 5,200 product line up. We have experience on over 1200 Joint R & D project for the last 70 years from different companies.
Including question on "can metal adhesion process with printing machine?" "Can bean paste be add during printing process?". Our company can provide special skill and knowhow that fits your needs.
"Do you have this product?" "Can this type of ink be manufacture?" "How to print on this location?" Please feel free to contact us, MINO GROUP for any inquiry.
As a reliable business partner, we believe we can propose best suggestion without betraying any expectations. We would greatly appreciate your continued support.