List of Additives

Name Using method Suitable ink Content
Matte paste Matte powder No.4 Matt powder for screen printing
Additive amount 3 – 10%
All solvent based ink 200g
MP-98 Matte paste Matting paste, additive amount up to 20% T-JET・TAP 1Kg
Clocking prevention 961 Thinner paste slow Giving thixotropy to solvent inks and preventing clogging
Best suit for thin lines and halftone dots printing
Additive amount 20 – 30%
All solvent based ink 1Kg
963 Thinner paste slow Environment-friendly version of 961 Thinner paste slow.
Best suit for thin lines and halftone dots printing
Additive amount 20 – 30%
78 Crystal paste slow Preventing clogging in combination with slow-drying solvent or retarder, and maintaining an appropriate ink viscosity
Improving thixotropy of ink, having the effect of elimination of blurring and dripping
Additive amount up to 30%
79 Crystal paste slow U・U-PET
Defoamer Defoamer Multipurpose defoamer with good re-coating performance
Additive amount 0.2~0.5%
All solvent based ink 100g 1Kg
Leveling Agent/td> 936 Leveling Agent Preventing eye holes, pinholes, and orange peels
Additive amount 0.5~1.0%
937 Leveling Agent Improving ink flowability and leveling in solid printing
Additive amount 0.5~1.0%
U-PET 200g
Hardener 93 Hardener Isocyanate for FMB(Pressing ink of mirror FM)
Additive amount 10% Pot life approx. 5 hours
FMB 200g
94 Hardener Isocyanate with low brightness reduction for Mirror Series
・Additive amount, pot life is different per ink, please check respective product catalog for detail
Mirror A,G,C,IP・BP・UPX・PP-S・U 200g 
95 Hardener Rapid hardening type with non-yellowing isocyanate
Additive amount 10%, pot life approx. 5 hours
U-PET 200g 1Kg
98 Hardener Non-yellowing isocyanate increase hardening density
compounding ratio 15% for white and extra-white, and 20% for other colors
Pot life approx. 5 hours
EHP 200g 1Kg
99 Hardener Non-yellowing isocyanate exclusive to AS and AB inks
Additive amount 10%, pot life approx. 5 hours
AS・AB 200g 1Kg



Hardener reacts very sensitive to moisture, please keep it seal and store in cold and dark space.
Please use as soon as possible after can opened.


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