List of Photosensitive Emulsion

1 kg and 5 kg sets (net weight) are available. 
Super Strong Stiffener (one-component), EMS-9 (two-component), and Ultra Top (urethane) are available as hardeners.

Type Name Removal and recycle Features Use
Water-resistant and solvent-resistant CPS Ultra Coat 535 Practicable

Film removable type best suited for water-based inks.
Also usable for oil-based inks.
High in resolution.

Best suited for water-based inks: Aqua-Jet FGL and Aqua Cell in particular.
MX Coat Impracticable

To be used with hardening.
High in printing durability and resolution, providing a considerable degree of solvent resistance.

Applicable to water-based inks and other general printing.
MDX-100 Impracticable

Non-diazo-based, good in stability,
and excellent in printing durability.
Cover coat available.

For highly-sensitive film thickness film printing.

(vinyl acetate)

NEW M Coat D Practicable

Wide-latitude, and extremely easy to remove film and recycle.
Good in resolution at a low cost.
Easiest to use, having moisture resistance.

General printing.
Mino Screen Coat #850 Practicable Applicable for a wide range of printing uses with film flexibility. General printing.
MDX-32 Practicable General-purpose type with improved printing durability.

General printing.
Also applicable to thermosetting and UV inks.

MDX-34 Practicable General-purpose type with improved resolution. Suitable for thin lines and halftone dot patterns.


MDX-71 Practicable Good in printability, high resolution with thin coat. High-performance printing with UV inks and in thin films.
MDX-73 Practicable Good in smoothness and printing durability, having high resolution. Suitable for printed board, fine pattern.
MDX-73TF Practicable Type of continuous printability dramatically improved as ink permeability and peel-off ability are bettered by mixing Teflon. Suitable for CDs, backlight panels, etc., requiring high definition and continuous printability.
MDX-78 Impracticable Applicable to special higher-rank uses with upgraded solvent resistance. Excellence printing durability, solvent-resistance
Water-resistant New Aquacoat Practicable Wide latitude and film removable type. For water-based inks in textile printing and on T-shirts, etc.
MDX-55 Impracticable Good in smoothness and permeability, and easy to print. For water-based inks in textile printing and on T-shirts, etc.
MDX-58 Impracticable Applicable to special products in consideration of solvent resistance and chemical resistance. Widely usable for special textile printing adhesives and other fibrous printing, etc.


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