Laminator and Sheet cut storage unit for roll film

1 machine 7 roles ! What function should we add next ?

Mino Group has successfully combine different film modifying machine into 1 with our expert experience.
Machine works as per following.
1.Film unwinds from roll.
2.Peel-off protection film.
3.Plasma treatment to increase surface quality.
4.Immediately adheres OCA film.
5.Cut roll material to assigned sheet size.
6.Store sheet into container box.
7.Exchange location of full box and spare box.

Product features

Laminator and Sheet cut storage unit for roll film (RtoS laminator)

■Representative specification

Material PET ITO film
Material(width) 300~600mm
Material(thickness) 100~250μm(Support lamination film)
Rolling diameter MAX.φ500
Weight MAX.100kg
Core diameter φ76.2mm
Workflow direction Right → Left
Work setting Centre standard
Work mounting method Cantilever air shaft  2 pc
Anti-static unit Yes  With charge balance indication
Cleaner Yes  single side or double side selectable cleaning
Surface treatment Atmospheric pressure plasma treatment
Laminate device Top side laminated adhesion
Lamination unit Pressure pressed with upper and lower rubber rollers
Adhesion film mounting Cantilever air shaft Upper side 1 pc
Separation winding shaft Cantilever air shaft Upper side 1 pc
Edge cutting width 10~20mm
Material cutting width 300~600mm
Cutting blade Tungsten steel
Transport to storage box Transport work with suction pad
Storage box Container box
Number of storage box Storage box 3 pc  Spare box 3pc
Machine cover Yes  Full cover with FFP and particle counter
Safety device Emergency button

※Specifications can be adjusted to fit your needs.

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