Rewinding device

Essential equipment to process roll type material

After winding roll material up for any process, the next process will start from end of the roll. Management of processing is difficult since direction will be reversed, and it usually confuse operator on site. Roll rewinding is necessary to solve this problem.

Also, if roll material was winded poorly, it will lead to stop of machine flow or damage of the material. This rewinding device will be useful for this situation.
Complicated winding rewinding unit can be mount to machine directly for space saving.

Product features

Rewinding device

■Representative specification

Material PET ITO film
Material(width) 300~600mm
Material(thickness) 100~250μm(with lamination film)
Rolling diameter MAX.φ500
Weight MAX.100kg
Core diameter φ76.2mm
Workflow direction Right → Left
Work setting Centre standard
Work mounting method Cantilever air shaft  2 pc
Winding tension Magnetic powder clutch(Automatic diameter adjustment)
Winding location adjustment Automatic adjustment at Y direction by edge control sensor
Anti-static unit Yes  With charge balance indication
Safety device Emergency button

※Specifications can be adjusted to fit your needs.

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