Material storage unit, container box auto exchange

Convenient way to store film with container boxes which is commercially available.

Store sheets from conveyor belt to container box at high speed.
Automatically change to new container box after storage of specified amount.
Machine can store up to 3 boxes, and with 3 spare boxes at standby position to change after removing those full boxes.
Using color and markings on container box can prevent duplication of process and maintain smooth operation.

Product features

Material storage unit, container box auto exchange

■Representative specification

Material PET film ITO film
Workflow direction Left→Right
Material(width) 330mm ~520mm×650mm
Material(thickness) 125~250μm(with lamination)
Storage box 545(W)mm × 700(L)mm ×115(H)mm
Number of storage box Storage box 3 pc Spare box 3pc
Transport to storage box Transport work with suction pad
Transport head delivery drive Servo motor
Transport head up/down drive Servo motor
Anti-static fan unit Anti-static fan unit installed at work storage location
Lifter conveyor Gear motor+Timing belt
Conveyor drive Gear motor(Invertor control)
Safety device Emergency button

※Specifications can be adjusted to fit your needs.

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