DGO Direct Gravure

Use direct gravure to print all system!!

Fully automatic roll-to-roll direct gravure printing machine DG500RtoR-MIP

Direct gravure, which is excellent on touch panel ITO fine line printing, is a productive screen printing method, covering area more than gravure offset. Other than conductive printing, the application area expends to enable all function ink printing.
Also, as one of the attractions, its collaborate with our specialty technology, screen printing.
Continues printing line with construction of, 1st color printing with direct gravure, and 2nd color print with screen printing, are available.

Product features

■PE New process


■Direct Gravure

Direct GravurePolymer gravure, a type of intaglio printing, is a printing method coating laser engraved resin made plate fully with ink paste, scrape with flood coater, use paste left in concave portion to do printing.

Direct gravure printing is use in electronic materials paste printing fields of

・Possibility of fine line

・Superiority aspect ratio of paste

・Absolute dimensional accuracy

・Speedy printing

re-recognition of application is expected.

In order to support our customer in direct gravure printing, we study and experiments, building all the system needed.

Especially for printed electronic field, system is establish on a different angle compare to screen printing, form exclusive silver paste to film for roll to roll fully automatic machine. Welcoming by this world with spreading choice of production technology, Mino provide direct gravure as one of the choice for your company.


DG500 RtoR-MIP DG500 RtoR-MIP Silver paste for gravure offset
Printing unit and MINO Image Processing unit Screen printing line and films compatible conveying mechanism, operation panel we have electronic materials paste for IR and UV curing, for different manufacture purpose.  Read more about exclusive silver paste


  ■DG500 RtoR-MIP Specification

Substrate width Max. 500mm Flood coater pressure Manual, digital display
Substrate thickness 0.05~3mm Flood coater angle 15~85°
Printing size 450×450mm Location registration unit CCD camera
Frame type Sleeve type Substrate feeding width Max. 500mm
Frame size 235φ×600mm Feeding location registration edge, optical type
Printing speed 350mm/sec* Machine weight (Body) 4500Kg
Printing pressure 1μm pitch Electricity 200V 3 Phase 60A
flood coater blade Various types mountable Machine size (Body) 2500×2085×1745mm

*Dry cycle(body) sign is for feeder only, not including buffer unit afterwards.



Printing accuracy verification ・Absolute dimensional accuracy with true rolling mechanism

・High-speed continuous printing

・Sleeve type stencil frame used to increase changing speed

・Roll-to-Roll substrate transfer

・MIP(CCD camera MINO Image Processing unit) for location registration (PAT, P)

・Servo motor control for main printing element, frame auto cleaning


  Strategic Foundational Technology Improvement Support Operation


The above study is selected and supported by Japanese Government- Chubu Bureau of Economy,Trade and Industry, Strategic Foundational Technology Improvement Support Operation.




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