Screen offset printing SOS

Enable printing of fine lines while keeping screen printing advantages!

Screen offset printing is suitable for Printed Electronics fields, which requires high sharpness of line, wall side linearity and bleeding control printing method.
Licensed joint research with National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).

Product features

■Screen offset printing SOS



■Correspondence to curved surface

Common screen printing is enable printing on convex surface, but concave surface printing will lead to tiling of image due to extension of screen, and difficult to complete nice printing.
Pad printing can printing on curve surface, but printing size and thickness is limited. Screen offset and gravure offset can solve the above problem, but solid shading is not possible, simply because horizontal printing is difficult.

Screen offset to convex surface

Screen offset to convex surface

Mino Group screen offset system support the below printing festures,
・ No directional dependence
・ Enable solid printing 
・ Relatively thick film printing possible
and successfully print on secondary curved surface.

Offset printing sample on R500 concave glass 

Printing sample on curved surface



■Replacing photolithography

Current mainstream photolithography method can success from fine line to solid printing, design with different directionality in one patterning.
Etching metal film as circuit has excellent reliability on conductivity.However, the process from exposure to etching is very complicated, and is difficult on management under cost and each process.
Thick line for printed circuit is usually print with screen printing, and etching photoresist on top. Unfortunately, for Electronic device which the level of fine line cannot fulfill user needs.

Photoresist patterning by SOS

Our machine successfully apply feature of screen offest , and enable fine line printing with etching photoresist, highly reduce process needed.

(Upper image A part sample)
Photoresist printed image
(Upper image B part sample)
Etching image
sos-sampleA01 sos-sampleB01
sos-sampleA02 sos-sampleB02



■Screen offset continuous printing test

 Screen offset continuous printing test

SOS-Resistance measurement points

Left image, printing on left and right, pattern on vertial and horizontal direction of 40μm and 100μm, 8 location in total has resistance tested.

Left image, printing on left and right, pattern on vertial and horizontal direction of 40μm and 100μm, 8 location in total has resistance tested.

SOS-Resistance value measurement list

SOS-line left right comparison

SOS-Photo of entire pattern




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