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Provide total solution! Gravure offset by MINO!

Mino present gravure offset total solution on printed electronics field as PRINTRONICS and expand it with confidence.

we have more than 30 years pad printing (Intaglio printing) experience and more than 60 years screen printing experience to support our gravure offset technology.

Product features

gravure offset by MINO

■About gravure offset

About gravure offset

Gravure offset is a printing technique by filling-in ink to groove on plate made by etching or other process, use blanket roller to transfer ink to substrate.

Cylinder plate and glass flat plate are generally use.


■Gravure offset problem

Item Case 1 Case 2 Case 3
Generation process ・Plate scraping ・Gravure roller (Blanket roller) pick up ・Transfer failure of Gravure roller (Blanket roller)

・Pattern blurring

・Unevenness of coating thickness




・Disconnection due to bad transfer

・Unevenness of coating thickness due to bad transfer

Reason of happening

・Groove filling shortage of paste

・bad scrapping of flood coater

・Poor ink composition

・Bad matching between paste and blanket

・Blanket life

・Mismatch on printing parameter

・Poor ink composition

・Blanket life

・Mismatch on printing parameter

Sample  Gravure problem sample 1  Gravure problem sample 2  Gravure problem sample 3

Gravure optimization



※Parameter setting and varies printing element establishment is the key to achieve best accuracy.

              Please contact us for more information.



■Magnified photo of printed material

500 times close-up picture


■3D image for print surface

printing surface 3D image

Dried coating of first print are mostly 2.5μm MP-704GO’s binder uses epoxy resin, has very good adhesion with substrate such as ITO film. And it is low-temperature co-fired type which is essential for flexible base.



■Overprint image

 overprint imageL/S=30/50μm overprinting wet-on-wet printing is done, line width and distance has prove to be print with low variation.  Gravure offset printing machine MGO-F1010 is a laboratory machine for gravure offset printing test to ensure printing accuracy, with left right drive using linear servo motor. However, only printing cannot satisfy R&D needs. As one of the answer, Mino group are now starting on flexible precision development support.



■Total solution

Total solution

MGO-F1010 printing machine replies on gravure offset printing R&D needs, present in compact machine body with high repeating accuracy, and enable full digital management for varies parameters. Also, through different test, success in development of conductive paste which will become bench mark. Functionality assessment of fine line printing with varies ink paste, condition extraction for over-printing can be done easily. MINO group will continue to explore the possibilities of gravure offset with customers. Using printing to carry out laboratory test, we reply needs and request from customer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ag paste for gravure offsetdirect gravure-banner

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