Imagesetter / Photoplotter

『Imagesetter WD7100S』is photo plotter-based imagesetter for industrial use.

we can support film for you.

『Main Features』
・Industrial photo plotter with maximum resolution of 12000dpi to provide high definition image for screen printing.
・Support conventional image data (e.g. AI).
・Combining with automatic development device to realize full automatic online system.

Product features

Item Specification
Scanning method External drum system
Output light source Semiconductor laser (650nm)32 Channels
Output resolution 6000/9000/12000DPI  Select switch
film size 508×609mm(20×24inch)
Repeatability ≦0,01mm
Exclusive RIP supportable data type PS、AI、TIFF、PDF、GerBer274X
Machine size, electricity, weight W1400×L2300×H1400mm 200V,100V 800Kg
Environment Darkroom, water supply / drainage, chemical replenishment device, concentration meter

※Larger models are also available!
 We support test and shows this machine in our factory, 
 please contact us for details.

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