Posi Jet BK Printer

Using Ink Jet Printer to produce green posi film making environment.

Posijet BK posi film making system, uses ink jet printer to produce monochrome output.

Without using color ink, black ink and cleaner success to lower running cost.

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  Posijet BK1100 Posijet BK610
Printing method On-demand piezo method
Min.~Max.Substrate width 150~1080mm 150~610mm
Min.~Max.Drawing width 144~1074mm 144~604mm
Margin Sheet: front3mm back17mm、right 3mm left 3mm
Roll:front3mm back3mm right 3mm、left 3mm
Ink color Monochrome mode: Black×1、Cleaner×3
Ink content Black and cleaner : 220mL each
Output resolution 1440×2880dpi、 1440×1440dpi
Memory 256MB
Environment[during operation] Temperature 10℃~30℃ Humidity 20%~80%(Non-condensing)/[Temperature 15℃~28℃ Humidity 40%~60%(Non-condensing)]
Interface Ethernet10/100BASE-TX(Recommended)/USB2.O
Rip Flexi PRINT / Flexi SIGN & PRINT
Feeding method sheet: front feeding    Roll:back feeding
Sheet cutting All cross cut method
Electricity AC100~120V(±10%)、50/60Hz(±1Hz)
Machine stand with machine stand optional
Machine size
with machine stand
with out stand :1192×504×357mm
with stand :1192×662×978mm
Machine weight 65.0kg(with machine stand) without stand:30.5kg、
with stand:44.5kg
PC for RlP Windows7(32/64bit)、Windows8(32/64bit)、Windows10(32/64bit)
【PC recommended environment】 Core i7/3.6GHz/64bit/Memory8GB/HDD:500GB/LAN/USB2.0/Image display over 1920×1080×16775 Million colors
Printer maintenance Standard(1 year warranty, support pack 3, 4, 5 years )


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