MJF-A Film

Film for ink jet printer, suitable for posi film making.

・corresponds to output using aqueous dye, water-based pigment ink.
・high quality to improve water resistance.
・quicker drying speed to reduce stickiness.
・Film for large stencil can be produce in low cost.
・Expensive image-setter is not needed.
・Provide chemical-free environment as fixer and developer is not required.
・short manufacture time with easy use, reply your need any time.
・cost down in facility installation and film creation.

Product features

MJF-A Film size

Type Product name Size
Sheet MJF-A-S329 32.9cm×48.3cm (100sheets)
Roll MJF-A-R610 61.0cm×30.5m
MJF-A-R1117 111.7cm×30.5m

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