Technical information

Starting your first T-Shirt Printing

Color printing on white T-shirt

  • Prepare materials

    ①Binder ②Clothmin-color ③Clothmin conc. white RB ④Strength enhancer F ⑤Spray glue
    ⑥Squeegee ⑦Ink spatula

  • Prepare printing table

    ※pictured item: Monocolor printer M

  • Try printing table fixing

    Use spray glue on printing table, to prepare smooth printing environment

  • Dry the sprayed glue.

  • Set T-shirt on table, extend the wrinkles

  • Set a waterproof stencil to the printing table

  • Make up ink.

    Mix binder 100% (#2000 used in sample) with clothmin-color 10%, to create color ink needed

  • Measure clothmin-color correctly, and stirred well.

  • Add Strength enhancer F

    Add 3% Strength enhancer F against 100% color ink. Stirred well

  • Place ink on Stencil

  • Slightly lift up stencil and paint ink lightly.

  • Place down stencil, and print using squeegee.

    If the color is too light, lift up stencil, return ink to re-print.

  • Finish printing

    Place T-shirt on Dry rack after printing.

  • Finshing

    Process Heat-treatment under 130~140℃ for 5 minutes using Infrared hot air Dryer.
    Or use hair-dryer for finger touch drying, then iron
    for 15 to 20 seconds with middle heat ro finish
    drying process.


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