Posi Jet CTS Printer

Prepress machine long-awaited was born!

Printing industry such as offset has change to computer plating,
screen printing industry which used to process with silver halide film and image-setter machine has start changing, people are writing different proposal for replacement. However, due to cost and accuracy, most machine did not match screen industry needs.

To fulfill your needs, ace of prepress special made for screen printing, Posi Jet CTS printer is now on sale.

Product features

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■CTS Promotion


■CTS, stencil making process with MG film


■Outline drawing

Posi Jet CTS Printer_outline


■CTS printer specification

Model 6090 10790
Printing method On-demand piezo method
Table size (mm)


Max. drawing size(mm)
with UV irradiation device
600×900 1070×900
Max. drawing size(mm)
without UV irradiation device ※1
600×1080 1070×1080
Max. frame size(mm)
with UV irradiation device ※2
760×1050 1150×1100
Max. frame size(mm)
without UV irradiation device ※3
760×1250 1150×1300
Formwork central symmetry max. drawing width (mm) 526 1070
Max. frame height(mm) 40mm
Drawing margin 3mm from 4 edges of film
Ink cassette mounted
(4 pc)
For posi film :Black(Dye)×1+Cleaner×3
For direct print:Black(Pigment)×1+Cleaner×3
For due use:Black(Dye)×1+Black(Pigment)×1+Cleaner×2
Ink content Black and cleaner : 220mL each
Output resolution 1440×2880dpi、1440×1440dpi
Memory 256MB

Temperature 10~30℃, Humidity 20~80%(Non-condensing)
《Recommended》Temperature15~28℃,Humidity 40~60%(Non-condensing)

Interface Ethrnet 10/100BASE-TX
Material fixing (Film) Vacuum type
Electricity AC100~120V(±10%)、50/60Hz(±1Hz)、15A
Outer dimension W×L×H(mm) 1195×1980×1180 1775×1980×1180
Weight (Kg) 360 435
PC for RIP 【 Recommended PC environment】 Windows 7 Professional(32/64bit)、Windows 8 Professional(32/64bit)
Core i5/3.0 GHz/64bit/Memory 8GB/HDD:500GB/LAN/Image display 1024×768×6.5 ten thousand color or over

※1:For printing on film with vacuum fixing, max. drawing size is 600×900, 1070×900.

※2:When frame is not horizontal, please add 40mm height block inside frame to make sure frame height is even before drawing. Special size supporting block can be made as an option item.

※3:For model 10790, when adding block inside frame during drawing, frame size 1200×1300 can also be use. Frame size can be over specification with block support.(Max. drawing size as per specification)


■UV irradiation device specification

Model For 6090 For 10790
Optical output LED lamp Pseudo-parallel light
Cooling method Air cooling fan
Environment Temperature 0℃~40℃, Humidity 20%~80%
Lamp unit outer dimension (W×D×H)mm 720×50×150 1180×50×150
Electricity 100V 400W 100V 600W

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