Access jumbo series

Easy operation with high performance as per regular size machine

In order not to add stress to stencil, double table type locating mechanism is use. Slide table type is use to improve operation.

Also, the JUMBO series is equipped with SPME (Squeegee Pressure Mechanical Equalizer) as a standard.

Product features


■Outline drawing Access jumbo series_outline



100200 120240
Max. printing area 1000mm×2000mm 1200mm×2400mm
Max. frame size 1600mm×2700mm 1800mm×3100mm
Min. frame size 1000mm×1000mm 1000mm×1000mm
Table size 1300mm×2400mm 1500mm×2800mm
Machine weight 2000kg 2500kg
Diagonal squeegee angle ±2.0° ±1.8°
Alignment double table mechanism
Max. substrate thickness 30mm
Max. substrate weight 8kg
Clearance adjustment range 0~30mm
Pee-off adjustment range 0~70mm
Lift-up 400mm
Printing direction Left→Right
Squeegee speed 50~800mm/sec
Squeegee angle 90°±30°
Vacuum φ1.2mm×15mmPitch
Machine size(W×L×H) 3200×3450×1450mm 3600×3850×1450mm
Air  regular use 0.5MPa
Electricity 3 phase 200V 50/60Hz 40A

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