Access II Series

Sharp Printing/ Green Mechanism access machine.

New ACCESS is a printing machine that always outputs at the highest of qualities demanded.

ACCESS series has always been selected and support by our customer as a complete form of a totally superior screen printing machine. ACCESS II has been released in response to even higher levels and more diversified qualities required in current printing.

Product features


・ Reliable printing pressure, low pressure printing with balancer
・ High lifting of Squeegee and flood coater
・ Diagonal squeegee
・ Squeegee stroke setting with lever switch and panel switch
・ Ink wiper(PAT)
・ Two-pass unit(2, 3 times printing)
・ Squeegee stop timer
・ Dust proof running rail
・ Printing data registration
・ Digital control of peel-off
・ 4 pillars repeating safety mechanism
・ Printing head 400mm lift up
・ Front side slide input for large stencil frame, 6 Air lock
・ High speed table drive
・ Double table type locating mechanism(ASII-S)
・ Touch panel and hybrid control panel with button
・ Clearance (frame clearance) motor drive
・ Printing head fall prevention structure, outside table safety system
・ Accent color- Red, or Blue


■Outline drawing


Access II Series_outline



5565 6580 80110
Max. printing area 550mm×650mm 650mm×800mm 800mm×1100mm
Max. frame size 1000mm×1000mm 1100mm×1100mm 1250mm×1400mm
Min. frame size 660mm×660mm 660mm×660mm 660mm×660mm
Table size 800mm×800mm 950mm×950mm 1100mm×1250mm
Machine weight 850kg 950kg 1100kg
Diagonal squeegee angle ±3° ±2.5° ±2°
Alignment AS-S  double table/AS-M  frame fine adjustment
Substrate thickness AS-S 20mm/AS-M  5mm
Max. substrate weight 2kg
Clearance adjustment range 0~20mm
Peel-off adjustment range 0~40mm
Lift-up 400mm
Printing direction back→front
Squeegee speed 20~500mm/sec
Squeegee angle 90°±30°
Vacuum φ1.2mm×15mm Pitch
Machine size(W×L×H) 1410×2340×1320mm 1510×2640×1320mm 1810×2940×1320mm
Air regular use 0.5MPa
Electricity 3Phase 200V 50/60Hz 20A


■Main option

・ Squeegee Pressure Mechanical Equalizer SPME 
・ Scooper (Ink scooping unit)
・ Back squeegee
・ Paper feed system(dummy print cleaning)
・ Double squeegee
・ Double peel off
・ Double printing pressure・double speed
・ Squeegee auto-bias unit (motor drive)
・ Various anti-statics units
・ Various cleaning units
・ Various safety units


※This printing machine can be install with Mino Image Processing「MIP」unit.
read more about 「MIP」

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