Cube series

Printing for Function!Lab printing!

Cube is small area printer, developed for the functionable printing such as silver paste. Maintaining the flexible printing speed, Cube support squeegee speed adjustment from fine to high speed, at the same time other mechanical movements tact time is
shorten to maintain high speed. Material changeover time is also consider in order to minimize printing time. Precision printing machine with high productivity.

Compact body specially design for tight spot such as laboratory, enable data management for screen printing. Your excellent partner for R&D.

Product features


■Outline drawing



■Cube 1515 Standard specification

Max. printing area 150×150mm
Repeatability below ±0.01mm
Max. printing speed 5.5 sec/sheet(excluding feeding time)
Exclusive stencil frame 320×320×17mm(Aluminum casting)
mounting Front side, slide input
Squeegee and flood coater
Squeegee thickness 9mm Urethane rubber +exclusive holder
Squeegee mounting 1 location knob fixing
Squeegee height adjustment 20mm(screw type, with lock)
Squeegee pressure Air cylinder center pressure(with regulator)
Squeegee angle 60~90°
Flood coater Exclusive for SUS made
Flood coater mounting 1 location knob fixing
Flood coater height adjustment 20mm(screw type, with lock)
Flood coater pressure Air cylinder center pressure
Carriage of squeegee and flood coater
Driving Ball screw +AC servo+LM guide
Stroke adjustment Digital input
Speed adjustment Digital input 0~350mm/sec
Upper side frame opening 50°
Column 4 pillar type
Driving motor
Amount 0~20mm  resolution 0.1mm
Size 230(W)×280(L)mm
Driving Air cylinder +LMguide
location micro adjustment X,Y direction ±2.5mm
Vacuum Ring blower 200W
Control panel(Touch panel type)
Display Setting squeegee and flood coater speed
Setting squeegee and flood coater stroke
Setting clearance amount
Printing condition registration for different material 130Channel
Machine weight 170kg
Machine size 780(W)×790(L)×1100(H)mm
Electricity 200V 3Phase 15A
Compress air 0.5MPa

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