MINOMAT Wide series

Same operating method with standard MINOMAT for larger size printing!

Using long squeegee at shorter side of frame to increase maximum printing size.
This was technically difficult to perform, but is not possible for normal printing.
(Recommend Jumbo series for high quality printing. )
・Space saving for large area printing
・Less cycle time comparing to Jumbo type
・Same operating method with regular size MINOMAT machines.
・SPME as standard equipment
・Better cost performance comparing to Jumbo type

Product features


・ Success in energy saving
・ User friendly operation system
・ Low operating noise
・ Space saving
・ Frame changing can be speed up by air cylinder
・ Inverter control of squeegee and unique slide mechanism for smooth running and variable speed
・ Squeegee and flood coater printing pressure is switch by powerful and reliable air cylinder method
・ Squeegee stroke is simple slide type proximity switch
・ Ink wiper as standard equipment
・ Safety unit with frame sensor and large emergency button for double safety
・ Simple location registration with double table mechanism
・ Firm stainless table surface
・ Beauty and functionality design, with selectable body color


■W100200 Outline drawing



■MINOMAT Wide series specification

  W100160 W100200
Max. printing area mm * 1000×1600 1000×2000
Max. frame size(outer) mm 1450×2000 1450×2400
Min. frame size(outer) mm 950×1100 950×1500
Substrate thickness mm 0~20
Peel-off mm 0~25
Max. printing quantity pc/hour** 400
Squeegee, flood coater speed mm/sec 100~750
Alignment micro adjustment mm ±10
Table height mm 900
Machine size (W×L×H) mm 1720×2205×1355 2120×2205×1355
Machine weight Kg 900 1100
Electricity 200V 3Phase 1.8kw 15A
Air consumption L/cycle 7

* Max. area will be lower when ink wiper is used
** paper feeding time is not included
・ Special size 5565、6575 can also be manufactured


■Color variation



■Main option

・ Squeegee Pressure Mechanical Equalizer (SPME) enables automatic squeegee pressure setting.
・ Two pass print(2 times printing)
・ 2 cycle print(open and close frame for 2 times printing)
・ Digital display for squeegee speed
・ Ink scooping unit(non- coated)
・ Diagonal squeegee(Type A, Type B)
・ Automatic discharge device


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