Turn table screen printing machine newly developed with latest technology

Employing latest technology to premium upgrade existing machine!
Turn table motor employ direct drive motor, which enables high accuracy, high rigidity, high efficiency, high control to provide stable and reliable result.

Registration system on printing table employ high performance MINO Image Processing 「MIP」, combine with our compact printer cube series as printing unit.
Successfully maintain high-definition with tack time 3.5sec/sheet.

As a semi-auto printing machine, or adding loader and unloader as a full-auto machine to fulfill your needs.

Product features


・ High speed printing tact time 3.5 sec
・ Turn table with high precision, high rigidity, high efficiency and excellent control
・ Space saving(simultaneous operation of loading, alignment, printing and unloading)
・ Location registration with MINO Image Processing 「MIP」
・ User friendly with Cube 1515 printer(see Cube series catalog)
・ Peel-off with AC servo motor
・ Camera movement with AC servo motor
・ Unique alignment method with 3 axis AC servo motor
・ Support full automatic
・ Various options available
・ Can be purchase without MIP unit
・ Please contact us for other printing size


■Outline drawing


FASTER TTP-1515-MIP_outline


■TTP-1515-MIP specification

Max. printing area 150×150mm
Max. substrate thickness 10mm
Positioning accuracy ±5μm(with MIP)
Printing speed 3.5sec/sheet(MAX)
Stencil (aluminum casting) 320×320×17mm
Squeegee Exclusive (Urethane 9×42mm)
Flood coater Exclusive (SUS made)
Squeegee drive AC servo motor
Squeegee running Ball screw LMguide
Squeegee speed 20~350mm/sec
Squeegee up/down Air cylinder
Squeegee and flood coater height adjustment 20mm screw type with lock
Squeegee and flood coater angle adjustment 60~90°blot lock
Squeegee stroke adjustment Touch panel setting
Turn table drive AC servo, direct drive
Work fixing Vacuum contact
Frame opening (when cleaning) 30°
Peel-off 0~10mm digital setting
Peel-off drive AC servo motor
Frame fixing Slide input, air clamp fixing
Frame clearance 4 pillar, resolution 0.1mm
Clearance amount 0~10mm
Alignment CCD camera X2 unit
Camera movement AC servo motor
Alignment drive 3 axis AC servo motor
Machine size(W×L×H) 1400×1430×1600mm
Pass line 900mm
Machine weight Approx. 800Kg
Electricity AC200V 40A
Air pressure, consumption 0.5MPa. 4L/cycle

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