Force series

Try the impossible, print with FORCE!

FORCE is a machine having top-level printing functions to respond every situations.

This machine is best suited for electronic parts production.

Product features

■Outline drawing

Force series_outline



Max. printing area 250×250mm
Exclusive frame 550×550×30mm
Squeegee speed 20-350mm/sec
Squeegee angle 60-90°
Flood coater angle 60-90°
Clearance 0-20mm
Peel-off(option) 0-10mm
Table size 400×400mm
Vacuum Dia. 1mm×15mmPitch
Table height 880-900mm
Table width micro adjustment ±5mm
Control panel Touch panel with color display
Machine size 1620W×1220L×1690Hmm
Machine weight approx. 500kg
Electricity 200V 3Phase 20A
Air regular use 0.5Mpa.


This printing machine can be install with Mino Image Processing「MIP」unit.
read more about 「MIP」

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